What are we doing?

Virtual Proving Gound

Let us develop a dedicated virtual proving ground for your needs. We design for your specific needs and plan the required test setups as you go on with your development process.

AD Feature Development

Automated Driving is not a destination, it is the journey itself. Step by step let us demonstrate your ideas on your virtual proving ground. We simulate the vehicle, the environment, the actors and the sensors. We implement your requirements and demonstrate virtually. During the rest of the project, we are also ready for support. Do you want to switch to real world, we are also willing to develop.


We can still do more for you. We are experienced and competent. Let us support you from virtual world to real world. Do you need engineering or consultancy? We are always ready to provide more.

Virtual Proving Ground

Tailored for your needs

You need a proving ground to demonstrate and test your features? We can offer a tailored one fully virtual and exactly designed for your needs. We offer a shortcut all in one virtually, you will experience a new development process that provides early evaluation and feedback.  

All in one virtual validation

It is all an integrated design process starting from requirements to test but virtually. Let us define, implement and test virtually. All in one process, fast and effective. 

Originating from your requirements

You have the idea, concept, and requirements? Let's take an agile step to see how it is in action. On the virtual proving ground, see how it feels the drive with this feature. If you are satisfied, feel to invest with less risk.

Drive your car and test virtually

Sometimes it is only a feeling that matters! See your defined feature on the virtual proving ground, how it feels to drive. User acceptance is sometimes what counts.

Early feedback 

It is a race to the market. You have a roadmap? Put our virtual proving ground tests to the schedule. Get early feedback and a solid definition. Avoid unnecessary iterations.

Best move before going real

It is always a tough decision to invest. Before you give a go, prove virtually that it is a good user experience at all. Invest smart, prove virtually.

Our Technology

Our virtual proving grounds are designed and realized in Unity. After the first input you provide about your needs, we start to design the proving ground specially defined by the test process. The required test scenarios are detailed and documented in conjuction with the proving ground design.

All is an integrated framework. We provide an interface using FMU 2.0 to integrate vehicle drive train, brake and steering behaviour. The sensor data processing can be implemented by C/C++ or Python according to your needs. We provide the data transfer method to your executables.